Baking Bucket List

9:55 AM

In 2013, I embarked on a journey to make a new recipe each week.  This took me out of my comfort zone and I explored so many new types of foods and new-to-me ingredients.  While I don't think I'm ready to commit to this type of project again, there are still some baked goods that I would like to commit to making come 2017.  While I've made a lot of different things in the kitchen, but there are still certain items on my "baking bucket" list.

My Baking Bucket List

  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Biscuits
  • Tart
  • (a more successful) Sourdough Bread
I'm hoping writing down some items on my wish list will help motivate me in at least crossing off a few of these tasty treats!

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